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    • Patois/Patwa/Patwah

      Anybody wan fi speak some Patois wit mi?
      I simply be someone who likes tokin' dat weh sometimes.
      Because, yuh know, I am someone who really likes many tings
      about di Kiaribbian. Like drinkin' sugacane juice for example.
      Dat mon be someone wit a great intarest inna di purely languij related
      aspects of Patois. Because of dat, I mek dat thread rite now.
      And... yuh know...I myself am fully aware of di fact dat Patois cyan be
      mixed wit di Standard Westan English in more dan jus' wan weh.
      Mi nah tok di pure Patois todeh, of dat I secure :) :).
      SomehowGeekyPolyglot = SomewhatGeekyPolyglot = SGP ;)
      (oder in der Landessprache des deutschen Internet: einfach jemand, der mehrere Sprachen spricht)